For a hard-to-reach population in Ukraine, innovative online HIV outreach proves critical

Roman Marchenko has dedicated years of his life to LGBTI activism. It’s a community he knows well, yet even he was surprised at the difficulty his HIV treatment and prevention organization had in reaching one key population – men who have sex with men, or MSM. Read more

Anonymous Messenger Apps and Drug Distribution in Ukraine

Drug dealers in Ukraine have cultivated an open drug distribution network largely unfettered by law enforcement scrutiny via a widely used tool: the secure messenger app Telegram. Read more

People Who Use NPS/Stimulants: Basic Needs and Barriers in Access to HIV Related Medical and Social Services in Ukraine

Today, while much has been achieved in the fight against the HIV epidemic, it remains a major global public health problem. The growing number of HIV infections that disproportionately affect representatives of Key Populations (KP) and their sexual partners is aggravated by inadequate availability of integrated HIV prevention services. Read more

The short history of New Psychoactive substances in Ukraine

During the last decade, the rapid emergence of diverse range of substances pragmatically clustered under the term novel psychoactive substances (NPS), has significantly reshaped the Ukrainian and global drug scene. Read more