This resource is intended for people who use new psychoactive substances (NPS) and the organizations that help them. It contains useful information on the prevention of HIV infection and other drug-related diseases, on various substances, including synthetic psychostimulants, examples of responses to the challenges of NPS. The website focuses on the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as online work.

The target audience

people using new psychoactive substances, including psychostimulants;

service providers from government and non-government organisations working with representatives of key populations and people vulnerable to HIV in the EECA region (Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, etc.).




NPS; Cocaine; ATS (amphetamine-type stimulants); Synthetic cathinones

Content of the section:

The section contains information about new psychoactive substances, as well as about psychostimulants.



HIV prevention; Prevention of viral hepatitis; STI prevention; Prevention of tuberculosis; Overdose prevention; Patient’s school

Content of the section:

The section contains relevant information on the prevention of these diseases among people using stimulants / NPS, with a focus on the use of UNODC, WHO, UNAIDS guidelines.



Videos; Publications; Research; Useful links

Content of the section:

Videos on HIV prevention among stimulant / NPS users; thematic publications by UNODC, WHO and UNAIDS, including guidelines and technical guides; links to third-party HIV prevention and harm reduction resources for stimulant users such as EMCDDA, EHRA, Correlation Network, and selected scientific journal publications. Priority is given to information relevant to the region!


Content of the section:

Examples of responses to challenges related to the use of stimulants / NPS in the EECA region, including: web outreach techniques, responses to chemsex, etc., responses in recreational conditions, educational institutions, workplaces. Priority is given to information on online interventions and practices!

Get help

Content of the section:

Contact information, including links to online resources, of the helping organizations in the EECA region.


General disclaimer

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