A fatal case of poisoning with a cathinone derivative

New psychoactive substances continue to appear on the drug market, and alpha-pyrrolidinoisohexanophenone (α-PiHP) is one of the most popular cathinone derivatives. In this article, a case of death caused by α-PiHP is reported.

Based on the toxicological results of the studied case along with autopsy, histopathological findings and crime-scene information, fatal intoxication with α-PiHP was accepted as the final cause of death. α-PiHP and its metabolite (OH-α-PiHP) were detected and quantified in all postmortem materials (blood collected from the heart, the femoral vein and the dural venous sinuses; vitreous humor; cerebrospinal fluid; cerebral cortex; brainstem; cerebellum; bile; liver; kidney; heart; pancreas; spleen; thyroid gland; lung; adipose tissue; stomach and intestine). To date, this is the first case of determination of α-PiHP and its metabolite in postmortem specimens.

In the opinion of researchers, α-PiHP and its metabolite concentration database can be helpful in the interpretation of fatal cases.

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