PIXXTASY – The NFT Project Battling Drug Addiction

PIXXTASY uses the power of NFTs and blockchain technology to fight against drug addiction and help people recover.

PIXXTASY is the creation of Zoltán Egri, an anti-drug advocate who overcame many hardships through his two-year drug addiction.

Fuelled by his dedication to his anti-drug goals fused with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology assisted in forming this project in order to help fund drug recovery programs and NGOs through the sale of NFTs.

PIXXTASY’s goal is to reach out to rehabilitation centers and NGOs that help drug addicts recover; previously these centers and NGOs have struggled to have a strong presence in online communities.

Giving up drugs and opting for recovery is a difficult and lengthy process requiring a lot of support.

“Pixel” and “Ecstasy” were the inspiration for PIXXTASY, combining the pixels that are used in all digital content and displays as well as the potential euphoria that drug users end up craving.

PIXXTASY was made to send a message, to teach, and help drug users.

PIXXTASY uses two catchphrases to make its goal memorable, these are:

  • “DON’T USE. JUST OWN IT.” This pushes not using drugs whilst also holding and owning the NFTs.
  • “BE A HEALER” This tagline refers to healing and helping rather than dealing drugs.

The creator of PIXXTASY has described how everything in his life has led up to creating the world’s first anti-drug NFT collection:

“As a brand manager, I have been working from home and the epidemic has given me time to observe what direction the world is heading towards; this direction is the NFT. Art has always provided me with a different perspective, I’ve created digital content and aim to continue making more. I’ve been through a lot, I was an employee, a manager, a 5-minute star, a lover, a cheater, a rich person, a drug addict and then I got clean. PIXXTASY was formed due to the combination of events from my life.”

– Zoltán Egri (translated and adjusted for English)

Why is PIXXTASY needed?

The modernization of methods for socializing has allowed for a shift from real-life physical socializing to digital socializing, giving way to positive and negative aspects, like a black market for goods such as drugs that people can purchase anonymously.

More and more younger people are earning their own money and not relying on their parents or others. These young people are at risk because they can be inexperienced, naïve, curious, and influential, making them an easy target for drug use.

All of the NFTs will be limited edition and hand-drawn by a professional artist, making them both more unique and desirable in comparison to mass-produced NFTs.

The artwork is designed to look like current pop culture icons, such as Hello Kitty, Bitcoin, Star Wars, and many others; relatable yet unique.

The other reason for these designs is that real drugs are often shaped into pop culture icons, this allows PIXXTASY to raise more awareness of what illegal drugs can look like and their associated dangers due to unknown contents.

The funds earned through NFT sales will help charities dealing with anti-drug campaigns and drug recovery programs to run and reach more people. PIXXTASY will support the work of 11 non-profit organizations and rehabilitation centers globally using $1,000,000 of the project’s proceeds.