LINKAGES project: “Going Online”

Going Online is a vision and evolving framework for how HIV programs can use online and mobile platforms to accelerate impact toward meeting their HIV education, prevention, testing, and treatment objectives.

The USAID- and PEPFAR-funded LINKAGES project developed this vision to help populations facing the greatest HIV risks to make connections to life-affirming and life-saving services in an increasingly connected world. Our vision will also be helpful to other stakeholders in the HIV response, including governments and community organizations seeking to modernize and diversify approaches to reach and engage people in HIV services in ways that meet their needs and preferences.

The document is segmented into two parts. First, we explain four principles guiding our vision for online HIV programs. Second, we offer a four-part framework explaining how HIV programs can consider using this approach.

Our vision largely speaks to the digital generation who are young, urban, and keen consumers of social media. For the HIV programs serving people who search on Google for their sex education and use Instagram and WhatsApp for socializing and dating, this vision is for you. We hope that this vision will speak to the preferences and lifestyles of those aspiring to have a better future, despite facing sexual health risks today.

This vision helps us at LINKAGES appreciate the diversity of people we need to engage in HIV services to reach the ambitious global goal to end AIDS by 2030 and the ever-expanding potential for online platforms to accelerate these efforts.

We hope you also find value in this vision and help shape it through continued adaptation and implementation.

Download the full text.